Standard Comps

Top Tier

Big Shot Ezreal Flex

When to Play:

AD Opener

How to Play:

Strongest board until level 8. Board is Big Shot + Frontline.

Play 4 bigshot if bigshot headliner


Ezreal: BB + AD + HEALING (IE, GS, LW, Guardbreaker, Gunblade, BT, etc)

Tank: Tank

Disco Dazzler

When to Play:

Disco Opener

How to Play:

Play a mix of dazzler/disco/frontline.

Strongest Headliners: Disco TF > Dazzler TF > Frontline


Twisted Fate: Attack Speed/AP/Mana items

Tank items on any 2 star frontliner

Fast 9 Full Legendary

When to Play:

When you’re highrolling out your mind

KDA Spellweavers

When to Play:

KDA / AP Opener

How to Play:

Can go 7 Spellweaver if spellweaver headliner

Play 5 KDA + 5 Spell depending on headliner

Can also play Lulu 3 if stuck on 7


Ahri: BB + AP

Lulu: Shojin + AP

Sera: Shojin + AP

Superfan Karthus Akali

When to Play:

KDA/AP opener

How to Play:

Fast 8 into Karthus or Akali headliner.

Depending on your headliner, play 5 KDA / 4 EXEC / 5 PENTAKILL


Karthus: MANA + Guardbreaker + Archangel (you get AA from superfan)

Akali: AD + healing (you get HOJ from superfan)

Morde: Tank



When to Play:

slammed bruiser items, hit zed headliner

How to Play:

4 EDM + 4 crowddiver.

EDM Zed > Crowddiver Zed


Zed: EON + Healing + Damage

Zac: Tank

Reroll Comps

Top Tier

Annie Reroll

When to Play:

Lots of annies + headliner annie

How to Play:

Slowroll for Annie 3 and push levels for Superfan + Guardians + Spellweavers

Emo Annie > Spellweaver Annie


Annie: Shojin + Nashors (you get another shojin from superfan)

Amumu/Ekko/Neeko: Tank Items

Crowd Diver Katarina Reroll

When to Play:

Only play with Crowd Diver Kat Headliner

How to Play:

Roll for Kat 3 on level 6 or 7

Play 3 Superfan + 4 crowd diver until you hit qiyana, then play 6.


Kat: HOJ HOJ JG (you get HOJ from superfan)

Zed: EON + Healing


MF Reroll

When to Play:

Lots of MF

How to Play:

Roll for MF 3 on 7, push levels cap with legendaries


MF: Guinsoo + LW (you get DB from superfan)

Neeko/Ekko: Tank items

Punk Reroll

When to Play:

Punk headliner

How to Play:

Roll for Jinx 3 / Vi 3 on 5

Can also push 6/7 and play for Pantheon 3 / Twitch 3.

Always roll the 1 gold rolls

Try to play 4 guardian

Play 2 Exec if carrying Twitch

Play 2 Rapidfire if carrying Jinx


Jinx: Attack Speed + AD items

Twitch: Attack Speed + AD items

Pantheon: Tank

Urgot/Samira Reroll

When to Play:

Country opener or slammed bruiser items

How to Play:

Strongest board to level 7, roll for samira 3 / urgot 3

Play a mix of country/mosher/executioner depending on headliner

Can roll for Sett 3, Vex 3, Amumu 3 as well depending on gold


Samira: IE + LW + 1

Urgot: Bruiser items (titans, eon, bt, db, gs, qss, etc)

Sett: Tank Items


EDM Lux Reroll

When to Play:

Lots of LUX + EDM Lux headliner

How to Play:

Roll for LUX 3 on level 7, push levels for 4 dazzler 5 edm + bruiser



Lux: Rabadon + Crit

Zac: Tank Items

Senna Reroll

When to Play:

Lots of Sennas

How to Play:

Roll on 6 or 7 for Senna 3

True Damage Senna > Rapidfire Senna

Play vertical True Damage or Rapidfire depending on headliner


Senna: AP + Multiplier (GS, JG, Guardbreaker), you get Shojin from Superfan

Neeko/Ekko: Tank

Strong Stage 2-1 Augments & What to Play

AugmentTeam Composition
That’s Jazz BabyBard or MF Reroll
Three’s A CrowdSamira/Urgot Reroll or any Superfan Comp
Bigger ShotMF Reroll or Ezreal Flex
March of Progress3 Cost Reroll

Strong Combat/Econ Augments

Silver AugmentsGold AugmentsPrismatic Augments
Stationary Support 1Three’s A CrowdBinary Airdrop
Good for SomethingLittle BuddiesShopping Spree
Cutting CornersCrash Test DummiesStationary Support 3
Cybernetic Bulk 1Stationary Support 2Lucky Gloves
Scrappy InventionsInspiring EpitaphRoll the Dice
Vampirism 1Sleight of HandPhreaky Friday
Iron AssetsEscort QuestCybernetic Bulk 3
Buried Treasures 1Lucky StreakBuried Treasures 3
Cybernetic Bulk 2New Recruit
Patient StudyEndless Hordes
Portable ForgeLiving Forge

Set 10 Augment Tree

Headliner Effects

Credit to Mindful One / @mindful_one_

Leveling Odds

Credit to Mindful One / @mindful_one_

Headliner Odds

Credit to Mindful One / @mindful_one_

Superfan Items

Credit to Mindful One / @mindful_one_

Missed Connections

Early / Mid Game Boards

Rapidfire Opener
KDA Opener
Disco Opener
8 Bit Opener

Early Game Leveling

Stage 1-4

Should you pre-level or no?

What is “pre-leveling”? Pre-leveling is the strategy of buying XP so that you’ll hit the next level at the start of the next turn.


So at Stage 1-4, you are at level 3 0/6 exp. If you push 4 into exp, you will be at level 3 4/6 exp. You gain 2 exp per round, so the next round (at Stage 2-1), it will automatically level you up to level 4, giving you LEVEL 4 SHOP ODDS instead of LEVEL 3.


Level 4 shop odds open you up to 3 cost units and a higher chance at 2 cost units, with a lower chance at 1 cost units.


Keeping this in mind, you can decide whether or not you want to PRE-LEVEL or not.



  • You have upgraded 1 cost units
  • You have clear direction on what early game you’re playing
  • If you want higher odds at hitting 2/3 cost units






PRE-LEVELING when you shouldn’t usually leads to weak board strength and poor econ.

Stage 2-1

Level to 4 or stay level 3?


Level to 4 if you think you can win streak. Otherwise, stay level 3 and go for lose streak / carousel priority.


HOW TO KNOW IF YOU CAN WINSTREAK OR NOT: If you have a strong slammable item and/or you have multiple upgraded units, you are probably strong and can go for win streak.



Kennen 2 Taric 2 Corki 2. STRONG.

Annie 2 TahmKench 2 Olaf 2. STRONG.

Nami 1 Taric 1 Gragas 1. NOT STRONG. No upgraded units.

Stage 2-2

If you leveled at 2-1 and are currently level 4:

In most games you would stay level 4. However, if you started with a 12+ gold opener AND won the first round, you can put in 8 EXP to level to 5 IF you have a good 5th unit to play and are contesting win streak with someone else that is pretty strong.


If you lost the first round, DO NOT level.


If you are level 3:

If you won the first round when you were trying to lose, you should level to 4 to try to win streak. HOWEVER, if you are absolutely positive you cannot beat anyone even if you level, DO NOT LEVEL, stay level 3.


If you lost but upgraded a few units from the current shop and think you can start winning / 4th unit spikes your board pretty hard, you can level to 4 here.


Otherwise, just stay level 3 and lose again.

Stage 2-3

By now, EVERYONE should be level 4 here.


If you are on a 2 win streak AND have a good 5th unit to play, and you are contesting win streak with multiple players, level to 5 here.


YOU SHOULD BE SCOUTING FOR STRONG OPPONENTS IN THE LOBBY TO POSITION FOR. Usually, these are the opponents with 100 / high HP in the lobby.


On this turn, you should generally pre-level or make 10 gold.


If you can’t make 10 gold without selling valuable units, pre-level to 5 here to get level 5 shop odds (Push in exp until level 4 8/10 exp).


Otherwise, make 10 gold.


However, if you are contesting lose streak and you think having an extra unit for the next two rounds would cause you to beat someone else contesting lose streak, DO NOT PRE-LEVEL.



Stage 2-5

If you are level 5, there’s nothing to do here. If you’re win streaking, make sure to scout for tough opponents you haven’t fought yet and position for them.


If you are still level 4 and think you can win the next 2 rounds, you can level to 5 here and go for a 2 win streak into neutrals.



If you completed a strong item from carousel (e.g. Sunfire Cape if you have upgraded frontline units) AND upgraded a few units / got a strong carry, you can probably try to win the next two rounds.


KEEPING TRACK OF OPPONENTS YOU FOUGHT IS VERY USEFUL HERE. If you’ve already fought the 3 strongest people in the lobby, you can scout the remaining players left in your pool and make a judgement call as to whether you can win the next two or not.


If you are still level 4 and don’t think you can win the next 2 rounds, you stay level 4 here and keep losing.

Stage 2-6


Make sure to scout and make your board weaker than the weakest player in the lobby you haven’t fought yet. You do NOT want to win and want to lose streak into neutrals for maximum econ.



On rare occasions, if you are rich (12+ gold opener / have an econ augment like hustler), you can level to 6 if you have a good 6th unit to play AND are contesting win streak with someone else.




OTHERWISE, do nothing.

Leveling Intervals

This is assuming you are NOT playing a reroll comp and are playing a standard leveling comp.

Stage 3

At 3-2, you should be level 6. Roll if needed (board is all 1 star and lost a lot of HP on stage 2).


You can either sell your headliner and roll or just roll. This depends if you think you can get a better headliner relatively easy.


You can also level to 6 at 3-1 if your econ is good AND you are trying to continue your win streak from stage 2.


If you are lose streaking, instead of rolling at 6 sometimes you can sack until 3-5 and go level 7 and roll down to stabilize, depends on your board, econ, and HP.

Stage 4

Level to 7 on 4-1. Now you have 4 options here:

  1. Sell headliner and roll
  2. Keep headliner but roll
  3. Don’t roll and aim to go level 8 on stage 4-2
  4. Don’t roll and aim to go level 8 on stage 4-5


Any options here depend on your spot on 4-1. It depends on your current board, hp, and gold.


Option 1 is if you are still using an early game headliner (1 cost headliner) AND your board has barely any upgrades


Option 2 is if you have a good enough headliner but you still need to upgrade your board.


Option 3 is if you highrolled and are super rich and can go level 8 on 4-2 with a lot of gold leftover.


Option 4 is if your HP is high and you can afford to sack 3 here.

Stage 5

You should almost always be level 8 on 5-1, assuming you are not playing reroll.

Learn to Use THIS STAT for Free LP!

How to Use Tactics.Tools to Climb in Teamfight Tactics!

Set 9 Augment Tree

  • BING CHILLING – I just stabilized / in a good spot

  • Its a FORST – I just highrolled and think I’m getting first place, but probably an over exaggeration

  • Its an EIF – Something bad just happened, I think I’m going 8th but also an over exaggeration, probably going 6th

  • Mortdogged – Screwed over by bad RNG

  • Soju special – going level 9 and rolling once and dying

  • BIS / Best in slot – best items for that specific champ, can just use for “Best”

  • WIS / Worst in slot – worst item for that champ, can use for “Worst”

  • Donkey rolling – rolling to 0 gold every turn

  • Disneyland – easy lobby

  • Highrolling/Lowrolling – getting lucky/getting unlucky

  • Open Fort – intentionally losing first 5 rounds in stage 2 to maximize econ

  • Slow Rolling – Rolling above 50 gold to maintain 5 gold interest

  • Bebe level – Leveling aggressively for no reason, level 5 on 2-2, level 6 on 2-6

  • This game is so bad – frustrated by RNG, don’t really think game is bad

  • Its a tuber – game was super entertaining, going on youtube

  • NEAL – Not Even A Loss – one or 2 unit losses

  • Slamming – Placing an item on a unit, usually completed item

  • Naturaled – Receiving an item from creep rounds and not from carousel

  • AP / AD – ability power, attack damage

  • One-trick – plays only 1 comp

  • 20/20 “Comp” – refers to lolchess posting 20 most recent match history, all 20 are same comps, same as one trick

  • KEWKcone – chalice, looks like ice cream cone, KEWK is soju emote

  • RAT – kiyoon’s nickname, spammed when someone takes zephyr / shroud

  • OLDGE – robins nickname, not sure why

  • KEWK – soju emote

  • OkaygeBusiness – helping someone out, “pleasure doing business” with them

  • DongerJ – something big

  • PogO – something really lucky just happened

  • Frontline / Backline – Tanks / ADCs

  • Diff – difference in winning or losing a fight

  • NO BITCH – not a bitch, just YOLO

  • Fast 8 – going level 8 on 4-2 or 4-5, not rolling on level 7

  • Lives – number of rounds you get knocked out

  • Flex – being open to playing more comps, being flexible

  • Believers / Doubters – believe in streamer to win prediction / doubt

  • Sacking – holding onto your gold knowing you will probably lose rounds until you spend it later

  • Vertical “Comp” – playing 6 to 8 of that trait. Vertical Duelist = 6 to 8 duelist

  • PD – player diff

  • FON – tacticians crown (+1 unit), old name was called Force of Nature

  • BG – bad game, opposite of gg

  • Neeko – Champion Duplicator, used to be called Neeko’s Help

Tome of Traits Guide

How to Use:

  • 6-7: 1 Tailored

  • 8-9: 2 Tailored

  • 10-11: 3 Tailored

  • 12+: 4 Tailored

Watch the video to learn more about the best emblems, units that have traits with no emblems, and how to manipulate your board for the best odds!


Set 3 Liquid Open Qualifiers: 2nd
Set 3 NA Regionals: 7th
Set 4 Liquid Qualifiers: 1st
Set 4 Cloud 9 Qualifiers: 4th
Set 4 NA Regionals: 8th
Set 5 Mid Set Invitational: 2nd
GSS3 2V2 Tourney: 1st
Set 5 NA Regionals: 1st
Set 6 Zaun Cup: 1st
Set 6 NA Regionals: 7th
Set 7 Jade Cup: 3rd
Set 7 Mid Set Invitational: 6th
Set 7 NA Regionals: 7th
TFT Summit 1: 3rd
K3SOJU Invitational: 1st
Set 8 Defender Cup: 3rd
Set 8.5 BOXBOX Bootcamp: 1st
Set 8.5 Mecha Cup: 8th
Set 9 BOXBOX Bootcamp: 1st
Set 9 Freljord Cup: 2nd

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